Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hey, Mrs. Tangerine Woman

By the fortune that only random instant messaging conversations seem to bring, a friend introduced me to Lisa Brenneis, creator of Eat at Bill's, the heralded documentary about Berkeley's Monterey Market. I'm not alone in saying that this market, along with the Berkeley Bowl, are reason enough to live in Berkeley.

As if I weren't thrilled enough, she lives on an organic citrus farm in Ojai, California where they grow Buddha's Hand citrons. This particularly amazed me as very few people grow this fruit commercially; yet they're now the second citron grower I know. (Yay!)
buddhas hand citrons
Her husband Jim Churchill, the "Tangerine Man," is famous for those cute little organic Pixie tangerines, as well as 12 other varieties. What most inspired me to write was this spooky picture of Buddha's Hands growing, which I'd never seen before. Who needs Halloween trappings when you have an orchard with alien like fruit ready to grab you? (They're so fragrantly delicious, I can imagine much worse fates.)

If like me, you can't wait to get to Ojai, for now try perusing the Edible Ojai magazine , where you'll absorb interesting local food facts.

And check out Tangerine Man's shop, featuring their adorable labels:

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Jim Churchill said...

Wow!... I don't think I've ever been blogged before, even as the Husband. You say such nice things about Lisa and about our place...thank you!