Monday, September 15, 2008

La Cocina - Incubating Heavenly Goodness

La Cocina's "Taste of La Cocina" open house united a number of food businesses that have grown, often, from hobbies into thriving businesses offering well-crafted, packaged, and marketed food products.

My Last Supper

I barely staggered out the door on a major sugar high, inspired and delighted. Some of my faves:

Chilean "alfajores"
- the most delicate powdered sugar butter cookies sandwiched with sublime dulce de leche - from Sabores del Sur. (I dare you not to drool looking at these photos.)

Tamales from Los Cilantros - With a rich red chile salsa

Claire's Squares - An Irish version of the alfajores: "We start with a buttery shortbread base, then coat it with a thick layer of rich caramel and top it off with a smooth coating of Belgian chocolate."

...and many more. Has my caramelphilia exhibited itself?

Wistful about not being in San Francisco, home of La Cocina?

Consider the case of mother and daughter team of Embrace Sweets:

They'd started a brownie business in Ohio. After some success they had trouble taking the business to the next level. They heard about La Cocina, looked into it, applied, packed their bags, and now are happily baking and selling in local farmer's markets.

Now that's dedication all aspiring entrepreneurs can take a bite out of.

I didn't really want to end this with poor grammar, but really wouldn't it sound weird to say "from which all aspiring entrepreneurs can take a bite?"

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