Sunday, August 31, 2008

Veldhuizen Farmstead Cheese, Discovered at Slow Food Nation

A highlight of volunteering at Slow Food Nation's Taste Pavilion was discovering Veldhuizen Cheese, a farmstead* cheese maker, which produces so little that it is rarely available outside of Texas. They sell most to restaurants in the area, although they have a store at the farm as well as online.

*Means the cheese maker also produces the milk from his/her own animals.

Veldhuizen makes 10 types of cheeses including the blue, cheddars, and a gruyere style.

I had the pleasure of tasting the Bosque Blue. As you can see in the photo, it is very veiny and the "white" part has a yellow hue due to the cows feeding largely on grass. Only 15% of their diet comes from grain at the Dublin, Texas farm, 65 miles southeast of Fort Worth. (Take a memo: Strive to be a cow here in your next life.)

The Lure of Cheese Making

Stuart explained that he grew up on the dairy farm and knew what hard work it was to make a living. He thought he didn't want to be in the business. But in 1999 a hankering called. His wife researched how many cows they'd need to make cheese.

They started with 20 cows and now have 40, in a profitable operation. The rest is history. They enjoy being a small operation so their cheese will remain a rare, coveted delight.

You can read more on how they got started their website. Good people, great cheese. I hope you can experience it!

Short clip on his background...

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