Friday, August 29, 2008

Patric Chocolate from Missouri - Discovery!

A funny thing happened on Market Street.

My friend asked if I'd seen the chocolate at Fog City News, which I had not. So we strolled in only to find owner Adam Smith hosting a tasting of Patric Chocolate from Columbia, Missouri. Cha ching!

In town for Slow Food Nation, Alan McClure explained how his 67% and 70% cacao chocolate bars come from a Madagascar cacao plantation with whom he works with directly.

The 70% contains only cacao and sugar. The 67% has some added cocoa butter. He makes these in an 1800 square foot facility, and originally created the chocolate and ran the operation entirely on his own.

It's delicious, smooth and interesting, the 67% having a very fruity flavor. If you're going to Slow Food Nation, seek him out. Or find his bars in San Francisco as well as other locations.

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